Best Comfort Food To Eat When Sick

Are you sick? Good news! There are some comfort foods that have been scientifically proven to make people feel better. We’ve gathered a few of them in one place for your convenience. Try these comfort foods so that you will feel better.

Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is the ultimate comfort food for when you’re sick. It can be a good source of fluids, calories, and protein with vitamins and minerals like zinc that will help combat the unhealthy flu or cold!

With all these great benefits to chicken noodle soups, there’s no wonder it has become one of our favorite things on this list. Make sure not only yourself get their delicious goodness because giving them away (or delivering) never tasted so good either.


There are many reasons to eat yogurt while sick, and one of those is because the cooling properties of this food can soothe a sore throat. In addition, it’s been found that dairy intake has no effect on cough or congestion- which means you may not need that hot tea after all!


Garlic is a medical herb that has been used for centuries to fight illness and infection. It stimulates the immune system, reducing sick days by 70% in one study when taken regularly! Another found people taking garlic supplements got better 3-5 days earlier than those on placebos; this powerful food can be eaten while you’re feeling under the weather, too—it may even help make your recovery faster!

Spicy Foods

Capsaicin is a natural pain-relieving component in spicy foods. It causes a burning sensation when eaten or touched but has been shown to have other benefits, such as relieving congestion and making it easier for people with chronic coughing issues.


Ginger is a natural treatment for an upset stomach! So comfort foods featuring ginger can provide extra solace to women suffering morning sickness or going through cancer treatments. Ginger acts like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical drugs, but it does all on its own when combined with other ingredients that include real gingers and extracts.

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