How to Use Mint Leaves in Tea

Hello everyone, today we are going to tell you how to use mint leaves in teas. Yes, mint has so many health benefits, especially in the form of mint tea. In this blog post, you will read two delicious recipes of mint in tea or mint tea.

Making Hot Mint Tea

Boil the water. You can boil water in a kettle, over a fire, on your stovetop with a boiling pot of tea, or even boiled by microwaving! To conserve time and money, you should only boil as much water as needed for one cup of hot tea.

Wash and tear the mint leaves. It is essential to clean your mint leaves before you cook them thoroughly. Rinse away any residual dirt, bugs, or soil on the leaves with water, and then tear up some of the larger ones so that their flavors are more potent in your food!

Prepare the leaves. Some teas are made at different temperatures, so you don’t burn the leaves. For a strong mint tea like this one, in particular, boiling water will do just fine!

Pour the boiling water over the leaves. The hot water in the pot should be just off boiling to give you a nice, warm cup of tea. Mint is resilient and will not burn if poured with this temperature, so there’s no need for delicate handling or stirring like other teas that are more sensitive.

Steep the tea. Your mint tea will taste better with the proper brewing process. You can get your instant fix by steeping for five to 10 minutes, but if you want a more robust flavor go for longer! Once it reaches just how strong or sweet you like, remove the leaves. Be warned – leaving them in there makes this drink very strong and pungent in taste.

Add additional ingredients. Sweeten your tea to perfection with some honey or a dash of lemon, depending on what you prefer.

Mint has many uses. It can actually be found as a flavoring on food, shampoo, soap, and even on things that we use to clean our bodies. Today, you can also find mint flavored juice for e-cigarettes that’s a good alternative to the traditional cigar.

Making Iced Mint Tea

Make your mint tea. Add mint leaves to a large heat-safe bowl and pour boiling water over the top. Allow them to steep for about ten minutes before removing any excess liquid from the surface of your tea using either cheesecloth or paper towels.

Stir in sweetener and lemon. Once the tea is ready, add a few lemon drops into your cup of hot water. Add sugar to taste and stir vigorously for an even more refreshing drink!

Let the tea cool to room temperature. Once it’s cool, strain the tea into a cup or pitcher and discard the remining mint leaves. Refrigerate until it is cold enough for you to drink!

Serve over ice with cucumber. To chill your tea, pour it into a large jar with plenty of ice and let sit for one to two hours. When you’re ready to serve the beverage, fill glasses halfway or so with cucumber slices and top off each glass with chilled iced tea. Serve these refreshing beverages in the summertime by using fresh ingredients like mint leaves when they are available!

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