What Are Some Trends In Hotel Food Service?

In the past, hotels have been known for their large buffets and lavish spreads of food. But now, more and more hoteliers are looking to offer smaller portions customized to individual guests’ needs. This is how trends change in the food industry.

Hotel food service is a challenging industry to work in. You have to provide quality food for your guests and keep costs down to make a profit. The foodservice industry is constantly evolving. People want their food fast and fresh, not sitting under heat lamps for hours. 

It’s no secret that the hospitality industry is changing. The way we eat, travel, and live has changed drastically over the past decade. As a result, hotels have been forced to adapt their menus and services to meet these new demands. Here are some of the most popular trends in foodservice for hotels today

Single Servings

Single-servings allow for more creativity and customization in the kitchen, which is essential as consumers become more educated about eating. Hotels can also save money by purchasing ingredients in bulk and using them for multiple dishes in the longer run.

Variety of Options

Offering guests a range of choices is an excellent way to increase customer satisfaction while saving time and money on food preparation. Guests will be happy knowing that their needs are being met without waiting for service or making special requests. This trend has been seen across restaurants, as well as catering companies.

Packaged Meals

Hotels are always looking for ways to provide their guests with the best possible experience. Hotels have been offering more and more packaged meals to save time and to improve safety during COVID-19. Packaged meals can be an excellent option for those who need quick, easy-to-prepare food on the go. 

Customized Meal Kits

With the rise of meal kits, hotels can now offer guests a more personalized experience with their dining options. Guests can choose from pre-selected menus or create their custom menu for delivery to their room. This menu choice allows them to enjoy an intimate and personal experience without leaving the hotel property.

These are the most prominent trends in hotel food services. To know more about food and food trends, visit us at www.avanticafe.com.


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Early humans, like animals, evolved to like the taste of things that were good for them and to find things that do harm—from poisonous plants to rotten meat—distasteful. Early food choices were driven by what was seasonally available and packed with calories. That is how comfort food evolved.

What are some of the top food trends of 2021?

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